If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right

It's important to us that every item is built to an extremely high standard. We do more than build as if for ourselves, we want to ensure customer satisfaction above all else. For this reason, our long lasting, quality items can last you a lifetime.

All of our products are unique. We enjoy using traditional woodworking techniques and tools and this means that each product receives our strict attention to detail. To keep up with demand, we use power tools to cut our materials down to a rough size, and for making repetitive jobs more efficient. Each product is made from start to finish by one crafts-person; this means each item we produce will be slightly different from another, made with care, passion and an eye for perfection.

Friendly to animals, the environment, and you

As a local business, we understand the importance of being inclusive. As such, we only use vegan-friendly materials and practices; we don’t use leather or any materials that contain animal derivatives (certain wood glues, beeswax, etc).

What’s more, in all our work, we’re as environmentally friendly as we can be. We reduce our waste and recycle what’s left, including burning sawdust and wood chippings to heat our workshop. This means we can keep our prices down and provide you with an ethical product. We use renewable resources where possible, avoid toxic chemicals and even create our products in a workshop powered partially by solar energy. All our products are made from sustainable wood, meaning that the timber comes from forests that are replanted and responsibly managed. This is why we don't offer woods such as Mahogany, as this is listed by some organisations as a protected species.

If you have any questions about our methods or the materials we use, please feel free to drop us an email and we’ll be happy to put your mind at ease.

D.Taylor Woodworking

Daniel Taylor has been woodworking since a young age, with his father sharing his knowledge, tools and attention to detail. When possible, he'd always rather build something than buy it, learning from his experiences. With an interest in hobbies such as tabletop gaming and model-making, he found himself unsatisfied with some of the accessories and products available. After constructing prototypes for himself and friends, and with positive feedback and the support of friends and family, he had the opportunity to turn his woodworking into a full time job.