Drinks Coaster Set

Drinks Coaster Set


Hardwood luxury drinks coasters

  • Made from solid hardwood
  • Sold as a set of 4, with bespoke tidy
  • Heatproof to prevent staining from hot mugs
  • Smooth, glossy finish to allow cleaning
  • Felt pads fitted underneath to protect surfaces
  • Free custom engraving available!

These coaster sets are made to order, by one crafts-person from start to finish. This means every set sold will be slightly different, and will be made with care and a high attention to detail.

Shipping takes a maximum of 7 business days, from placing an order to receiving your finished product.

If adding customised engraving, please email your image to enquiries@dtaylorwoodworking.com referencing your order number

Wood Type:
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Wood Types

Wood sample - Ash.jpg

American Ash

Also known as White Ash or Canadian Ash, this is one of the most widely available quality hardwoods, and there's a reason why it's so popular. This wood has a beautiful grain, a light clean colour and a great texture, which is why it's widely used for items such as baseball bats or tool handles where the feel of the material is important. Ash has a medium density, so isn't nearly as heavy as Oak, but almost as strong. It's light brown colour is improved by most finishes, the wood is tough and has great shock resistance. We offer American Ash as either the main or accent material in our drinks coasters, with Walnut as the contrasting wood. The light colour of Ash looks great against the dark, rich brown of Walnut.

Wood sample - Walnut.jpg


Walnut's most striking feature is it's colour, a rich chocolate brown with hints of a purplish and black. This hardwood has a smooth, even texture, and the subtle grain is improved by most finishes. This is a stable, high quality wood that is durable without weighing too much, widely used in high quality items such as luxury furniture or gunstocks. This wood contrasts well against lighter woods, and so is offered as either the accent or main body material with Ash provided as the contrasting wood.



Lacquer creates a gloss layer on the surface of the wood, creating an excellent barrier against spills and staining. The lacquer itself can become scratched, but the wood underneath is protected. Our drinks coasters are also finished with a heat proof topcoat, meaning these products can be used with hot mugs without fear of marking the wood.