Ring Box

Ring Box


A handmade walnut Ringbox with velvet lining

This is an elegant, handcrafted ringbox, each made to order .

  • Handcut and polished to a silky smooth finish

  • Choice of lining fabrics to cushion and compliment the ring

  • Kept closed by discreet magnets and a brass hinge

  • FREE custom engraving

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The ringboxes are made to order, by one crafts-person from start to finish. This means every ringbox will be slightly different, and will be made with care and a high attention to detail.


Construction of your order and shipping takes a maximum of 7 business days for orders within the UK, from placing an order to receiving your finished product. For orders outside the UK, please allow up to 14 business days.

Custom Engraving

If you’d like us to engrave a specific design or text, please select this option when ordering and email us your design. Black and white images work best, with no shading (see examples) - we’ll contact you for final approval before engraving. Please note we cannot engrave a copyrighted design that may be someone’s intellectual property without express permission of the owner. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Choosing Lining Material

We offer a wide selection of velvet, acrylic-felt and faux-leather lining fabrics. Each has been chosen for it’s pleasing texture and how well it compliments our products, no matter what wood choice. We also have a large and ever-changing collection of fabrics in our workshop that aren’t listed here, so if you have a special colour or material in mind, get in touch with us before placing your order.

Choosing the Finish

Danish Oil gives a beautiful, smooth satin to matt finish that compliments the wood, making the grain "pop". This is best for a more natural look, but doesn't offer as much protection as a lacquer finish. Oil finishes such as Danish Oil can be easily repaired in years to come by reapplying a fresh coat straight over the old.

Lacquer creates a glass-like glossy layer on the surface of the wood, creating an excellent barrier against spills and staining. The lacquer itself can become scratched, but the wood underneath is protected. Some prefer the natural look of Danish Oil, although lacquer still accentuates the figure and colour of the wood beautifully.